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Northwestern researches have been directly looking into what happens after a child stops taking music instrument lessons after only a few years. The Brain Stimulator Method Review  What they have found is that adults with one to five years of music lessons had "enhanced brain responses to complex sounds, allowing recognition of sounds in complex and noisy auditory environments."

 They had more finely tuned auditory perception, decision-making function and auditory communication skills than those with no music training. Those adults with no music training had less enhanced brain responses. Past studies were focused on the music student who continued their training into adulthood, spending a lifetime in music training. 

The new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience captures a much larger group, since most children exposed to music training generally do not continue beyond middle or high school. Exposing your newborn or infant to music and song benefits them even before they can talk or walk. A McMaster University study discovered that one-year old babies who were exposed to interactive music courses smiled more, connected and communicated better, and showed more sophisticated brain responses to music and song.

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