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Due to the large position sizes Stinger Spy Pen and given the need to control your risk, you'll find that exposing yourself to overnight fluctuations can truly decimate your account. As a result you may find that short term intraday trading allows you to control your risk appropriately and remove any chance of a large overnight movement. Lastly you may notice that many futures brokers give you the flexibility of half margins when closing your position before the day session ends. This means your margin is cut in half to $3,000 per contract which becomes much more manageable. In 1996 Monsanto (tm) introduced commercially a genetically modified cotton with in-seed insect-protection against the cotton bollworm. In 1997 Monsanto (tm) introduced commercially an engineered corn which had in-built protection from the European corn borer. Also, that year, a new transgenic cotton variety which had both bollworm resistance and glyphosate tolerant properties -- it would not die when sprayed with a glyphosate herbicide.

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