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You'll need to run two similarly written articles to make sure you know which ones are pulling in the most click through. If you're not careful you'll blindly put Lazy Profit Engine up a lot of information and never really know how to increase click through rate of article marketing. You need to focus on specifics, and analyze the numbers after a short time. If you are seeing little to no action, then change things up to see what happens over time. Structuring passive income means that you need to know the exact range of gains that can be made with whatever you're promoting. The second major key to learning how to increase click through rate of article marketing is to make sure you find a good productive niche. You can't learn if you don't do any research. Go to any major search engine and find your specific keyword and the results it is bringing. A good rule of thumb is to stay over 10,000 results but under 500,000 results. This will mean you're targeting a good niche without over extending your reach. Once you find a specific niche use a keyword search tool to find information on very specific terms. From there you'll have a clearer picture of what words pull in more traffic, and are ready to help you increase a passive income.

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