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The Mavala Stop product has got such a strong taste that it works not only because it will repulse you in taste but also because most nail biters bite at their nails without knowing so this method will help jolt your senses and give you a sharp awakening so that you'll realize that Lotto Destroyer you're biting your nails. It's great because when you realize when you bite your nails, you'd be able to figure out why you do it and you can tackle the problem from the very root of it.The advantage of this product is that it's colorless so that you can use it without anyone knowing and you can use it on plain nails or over nail polish as well. It's also fairly harmless so you can use it on your kid's fingernails if they're nail biters as well. After all, it's better to curb the problem from young where it will be easier than to let it lead on into their adult lives.

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