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Fibtall abdominal extensions: they are made placing ourselves kneeling on the ground, forearms resting on the ball and rolling it while slowly extend your arms. We must hold the position and return to the starting point without breaking the waist, that is, always keeping the contracted abdomen, as we show in Viton . Vitalpeak XT Knees to chest on fitball: in this case we support the ankles on the ball and your palms on the floor, forming a line with the body from head to heels. From there, we contract the abdomen and took knees to chest rolling the ball into the hands. We can see how it performed in Viton . Trunk rotations on fitball : the upper back or upper back resting on fitball, placed face up and feet flat on the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees, joined the palms with stretched perpendicular to the trunk and arms. From there we started to rotate to either side of the body, as the following video shows: 
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