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Let’s look at some of the research on each of these ingredients as they pertain to heart health and cholesterol levels. CoQ10 Another name for this is Coenzyme Q10. Still another name is Ubiquinone which is pronounced “U-bik-wa-qwa-known.” There are many studies attesting to the effects of CoQ 10 on heart health. It’s so popular that it’s been widely used in Japan since the 1970s to help heart disease. When it comes to heart health, studies have used 60-300 mg per day. VitaPlus has 100 mg per capsule so it is in this range. That’s good. CoQ10 has also been shown to reduce blood pressure. As for cholesterol levels, I think more research is needed. In this 2011 study of 51 overweight people, 200 mg of CoQ10, given for 12 weeks, did not seem to lower cholesterol levels. NAC These letters stand for N-Acetyl-Cysteine. This compound comes from an amino acid called, cysteine. NAC helps us make a powerful antioxidant called glutathione. This raising of glutathone levels is likely one of the main reasons people take NAC supplements. There are glutamine supplements out there. But, it’s probably better to take NAC than glutatione supplements . That’s because glutathione supplements are not absorbed well but NAC supplements are. NAC appears to raise nitric oxide levels according to at least one study. Nitric oxide is a gas that can expand blood vessels. By increasing the size of blood vessels, this might help reduce chest pains due to angina. Some research also notes that NAC – when used along side nitroglycerin therapy – might reduce angina pain. For those using nitroglycerin tables for heart disease, please don’t start taking NAC without first speaking to your doctor and pharmacist first. The combination make your blood pressure go too low. NAC might also reduce homocysteine levels. This is a compound that may be related to heart disease. The studies I saw noting it did this, used about 1000 mg which is more NAC than is in VitaPluse. It’s worth noting that the connection between homocysteine and heart disease is controversial. A less expensive way to reduce homocysteine is to eat more fruits and vegetables. The vitamin called folate (also called folic acid), along with B12 and B6 can also reduce homocysteine and have many other benefits also. If you dont like eating these foods, see my smoothie recipe. 
Tip. This bookprovides a fascinating and easy to understand review of preventing and reversing heart disease though diet. PQQ The letters PQQ stand for Pyrroloquinoline quinone. It’s pronounced “pie-role-low-quin-a-lean-kwin-own.”Another name for PQQ that is sometimes used is methoxatin.  

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