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The majority of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder experience both obsessions and compulsions, although 10 to 20 percent of people will experience either obsessions or compulsions alone. In most cases the obsessions are the initial problem, and the compulsions develop as a way for the mind to neutralize the obsessive thoughts. Obsessions are typically the catalyst in all cases of OCD - it is the obsessions that trigger the compulsions, and once both obsessions and compulsions are active the vicious circle has begun.Obsessions are uncontrollable thoughts, invariably involuntary, and they occur repeatedly in a person's mind. The person experiencing the obsessions will often know that the thoughts make no sense, but they will be powerless to stop themselves continuing to think them. Common obsessions in people with OCD are fear of contamination, fear of dirt or anything "unclean," uncontrollable sexual imagery or thoughts that may be unpleasant and impossible to stop, superstitions and excessive attention to things considered lucky and unlucky, and a desire for order and symmetry where things must be positioned or lined up in a particular way or pattern. 

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