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To increase the girth, the fat cells from your abdomen are transplanted to the penis. Erect On Demand Review  The possible drawback is that these cells can be re-absorbed back into the body, which in turn brings the risk that the re-absorption could be uneven and could result in penis looking lumpy. As an alternative, surgeons nowadays practice the "dermal transfer", which combines the fat cells with skin cells thus solving the problem of re-absorption. However, this method is much more difficult and the risk of disfigurement is much greater. The second part of the surgery is based on cutting the ligaments around Corpora Cavernosa, the penis tissue that fills up with blood. This tissue extends back into men's body and can be as much as up to half of the penis length. By cutting the ligaments that keep Corpora Cavernosa back in our body, this hidden tissue is released forward therefore increasing the penile length outside the body. This can give great results although sometimes the increase can be minimal. 

The drawback of this procedure is that when the penis is not attached to the pubic bone, the penis is floating loose and therefore could shift around during sexual intercourse and cause erections to point downward or loss of sensation altogether.  

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