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Previously in the article "Strategies for Binary Options Trading" we discussed the Cash Formula Review new simplistic strategies used in Binary Options trading. In this article we are going to discuss how you can determine if you should trade in the Forex, Stock, Commodity, or Index markets. Do Your Due Diligence Due Diligence is the buzzword for doing your own research. It is important for you to research your target market before starting to trade. 

In conventional trading you would look at the historical charts, financial reviews, SEC filings, economic indicators, and news reports. In Binary Options trading since the typical trading period is one hour in length, studying the charts, reading the news reports, and watching the effects of economic indicators will be sufficient in most cases. However, many experienced traders can't help themselves in continuing to do more in-depth research. Which Market Is Best? Deciding on which market to trade in is a really tough question. Each market has their pros and cons. Part of your research into which market to trade is understanding the make-up of each market. Remember the Spread strategy that I discussed in.

"Strategies for Binary Options Trading"? In that example I used two currency Assets as the initial selection to make a CALL trade and an offsetting PUT trade. In reality, you do not have to make the CALL trade and the PUT trade in the same Market. As an example, the CALL trade could be in the currency market and the PUT trade could be in the Stock market.


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